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Project Prague


Project Prague is a cutting edge, easy-to-use SDK that helps developers and UX designers incorporate gesture-based controls into their apps. It enables you to quickly define and implement customized hand gestures, creating a more natural user experience.

Getting Started with Project Prague

Project Prague is a cutting-edge, easy-to-use SDK that creates more intuitive and natural experiences by allowing users to control and interact with technologies through hand gestures. Based on extensive research, it equips developers and UX designers with the ability to quickly design and implement customized hand gestures into their apps. The SDK enables you to define your desired hand poses using simple constraints built with plain language. Once a gesture is defined and registered in your code, you will get a notification when your user does the gesture, and can select an action to assign in response. Using Project Prague, you can enable your users to intuitively control videos, bookmark webpages, play music, send emojis, or summon a digital assistant. You can even make everyday productivity and communication programs easier to use. Using Project Prague requires an Intel RealSense SR300 camera. Project Prague is currently in limited release, and will be open only for a small, targeted group of customers selected by Microsoft on an ongoing basis. If you wish to inquire further or apply to be part of this beta program, please send an email to with the information below. Inquiries will be reviewed regularly, but you may not receive an immediate response, due to the limited nature of the program at this time. • Name • Email • Phone • Company/Affiliation • Intent: In what domain do you plan to apply the technology? (Ex: games, health, productivity, etc.) • Y/N: Do you already own a RealSense SR300 camera? (Bonus points for sending a selfie with your camera doing the Vulcan Salute.) Learn more

Concept Video - The Producer

In this concept video, Magen, an event producer, is getting ready for an art exhibition. She naturally uses gestures to communicate with her workers and now, with Project Prague, also with her laptop.

The Producer - Behind the Scenes

In the concept video above, Magen, an event producer, is getting ready for an art exhibition. She naturally uses gestures to communicate with her workers and now, with Project Prague, also with her laptop. In this clip, see how Project Prague’s gesture detection service analyses Magen’s gesture.

Project Prague - Demos

In this video clip you can see the wide range of scenarios that Project Prague’s gesture detection capabilities can help you light up. From productivity to games to video overlays, and many more to come.

Gesture Creation and Recognition

This graphic displays many views of Project Prague in action. Clockwise from top, you can see: a code snippet where the developer defines the 'rotate' gesture; the gesture builder tool, where the developer defines the rotate gesture without writing any code; the control panel, where the developer can view which gestures are being registered by the camera in real-time; the detection service which is viewing the user making the rotate gesture, verifying the user's gesture intent, and triggering the associated 'rotate' action; and finally the end-user using the 'rotate' action to rotate an image in PowerPoint.