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Project Personality Chat enhances your bot's conversational capabilities, by handling small talk, in line with a distinct chosen personality. Personality Chat uses intent classifiers to identify common small talk intents and generates responses consistent with the personality. Based on the intent and the confidence scores, it chooses the best response from a curated editorial base or generates it real-time using deep neural networks (DNNs).

What is Project Personality Chat

Project Personality Chat easily adds small talk capabilities to a chat agent, in line with a distinct personality. There are two types of Personality Chat responses-  Editorial responses: A set of curated chit-chat queries and responses. Generated responses: Responses to small talk intents, that are automatically generated in real-time. If you are interested in learning more about Project Personality Chat, or would like to participate in a private preview of the API, please contact us at • Enhance chat conversations: Personality Chat makes intelligent agents such as chatbots more conversational by adding small talk in a consistent tone and minimizing fallback responses such as “I don't understand.” Personality Chat uses a chat intent classifier to identify appropriate small talk queries and deep learning models to generate contextual responses in a consistent tone.   • Ground small talk in a personality: Choose from multiple default personas ranging from professional to humorous, as appropriate for your chatbot. DNN based persona models ensure that the responses are in line with the chosen personality. • Easily add curated small talk responses: A customizable editorial library is available for the most common small talk queries, that can be easily integrated using the Microsoft Bot Framework, saving you the time and cost of writing content from scratch.

Personality Chat Demo

The demo below shows Personality Chat in action. Personality Chat's intent classifier identifies suitable small talk intents to respond to. Based on the intent and the scores, it chooses the best response from an editorial base or generates it real-time using deep neural nets. In the demo, you can choose from 3 default personas and the persona model returns responses most closely aligned with the chosen personality. Some of the broad intent types answered by Personality Chat are shown in the table below.

Chat Demo
Top Responses & Ranked Score


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