Project Entity Linking

EXPERIMENTAL Labs provides early adopters with an early look at emerging Cognitive Services technologies. These technologies are still under development and do not have the same performance quality as generally available APIs, but don't let that stop you from discovering and trying the newest Cognitive Services technologies. Please try these new technologies and let us know what you think.

Power your app's data links with named entity recognition and disambiguation.

Getting Started with Project Entity Linking

Sometimes in different contexts, a word might be used as a named entity, a verb, or other word form within a given sentence. For example, in the case where “times” is a named entity, it still may refer to two separately distinguishable entities, such as “The New York Times” or “Times Square”. Project Entity Linking improves the user experience on your app by linking text to additional information on the web. The API recognizes and disambiguates proper nouns within input text and links them to a prebuilt knowledge base. The illustration below shows an example of how the service works: specifically, when using Wikipedia, Project Entity Linking detects all entities mentioned within the input text and links them to relevant reference points according to the page ID. Get Started today to power your app's data links with named entity recognition.

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