Project Anomaly Finder

EXPERIMENTAL Labs provides early adopters with an early look at emerging Cognitive Services technologies. These technologies are still under development and do not have the same performance quality as generally available APIs, but don't let that stop you from discovering and trying the newest Cognitive Services technologies. Please try these new technologies and let us know what you think.

Use machine learning to help understand abnormal events in data

What is Project Anomaly Finder

The Anomaly Finder API helps you to monitor data over time and detect anomalies with machine learning that adapts to your unique data by automatically applying a statistical model regardless of industry, scenario, or data volume. Using a time series as input, the API returns whether or not a data point is detected as an anomaly, determines the expected value, and measures deviation. As a prebuilt AI service, Project Anomaly Finder doesn't require any machine learning expertise beyond understanding how to use a RESTful API. This makes development simple and versatile since it works with any time series data and can also be built into streaming data systems. Currently an experimental Lab, we hope that in the future Project Anomaly Finder will be useful in a broad range of use cases – for instance, financial tools for managing fraud, theft, changing markets, and potential business incidents, or monitoring IoT device traffic while preserving anonymity. This solution can also be monetized as part of a service for end-customers to understand changes in data, spending, return on investment, or user activity. Try out the Project Anomaly Finder API and gain deeper understanding of your data. See the selected sample charts below on what you can build with the API.

Detect anomaly in sales revenue

Detect service request pattern change

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