Project Wollongong

Proximity Scoring (Preview)


Does it matter to you who many cinemas, bars, theaters, parks or other places of interest are near you? If so, project “Wollongong” is right for you. It allows you to provide a score for the attractivity of a location based on the number of amenities, proximity to public transit stops or other criteria. You can search by time or distance and also take into consideration the predicted traffic at the time that matters most to you.


Score the proximity to restaurants for a place,-122.187850952148&routeMode=walking&categoryIds=90243&maxTime=15 Img01

Limitations and Known Issues

  1. Coverage for the preview is currently limited to the United States of America
  2. A bug prevents the parsing of multiple comma separated points of interest category IDs. This will be fixed shortly after Build 2017


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